Teacher Blog: Mr Barlow’s Blog

Time for another visit to a teacher blog. This time, it’s Mr Barlow’s Blog. Mr Barlow is an Australian high school science teacher whose blog, I would say, is a running diary of curiosity.  Posts seem to come about monthly, or a little more frequently — I should say here that it’s hard to find blogs that are both long-running (so I can get a good sense of the author’s range) and still-running (so that I can recommend that you follow her or him now that you know about the blog).

The posts range over all kinds of science (gravitational waves and LIGO, How can we feel when someone is staring at us?, water flows on Mars, how to get fit....).  Often, the core content is in an image or video, with some introductory scene-setting;  sometimes Mr Barlow writes at more length.

The tag-cloud for the blog is pretty rich, and most of the tags label science topics.  There are a few others, though, like education, and even when Mr Barlow doesn’t write a lot, the blog posts are designed to engage you with the question that got Mr Barlow thinking, and with a resource or two he found provocative (like this one on “revolutions” in education).  I like a blog that leaves room for readers  to fill in blanks, ask their own questions, go looking for other resources.

Check it out.

And let me know of other teacher blogs that you go back to (and why!).  If you might want to write a guest blog post about one, get in touch!

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